Why Entrepreneurs Exercise


There is only one way you can win this race. You must be up for the challenge.  You must be in both physical and mental health and fitness. To take on life and to take on business ownership you must take the time to exercise every muscle and tool in your body. You must not forget the crucial importance of what staying fit can do to your energy, your mind alertness, your mind functions, mood, and your overall physical endurance and stamina.

Take time out go for a bike ride, go alone or with the kids but go often;  Go running on a beach;  Play football or sports with your kids or friends.  Do things that are getting your body moving and active, because that gets the mind active.

Your body is one. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Some things you can do:

  1. Take up sports, canoeing, jet ski-ing, swimming, softball, basketball, football – whatever, join a group that can keep you active
  2. Join or create a beach volleyball team with friends- set a time for gathering Saturday mornings at a certain time, or evenings as the sun is cooling down- whatever works in your schedules, but make time.
  3. Make it a point to hit your local park and take a walk or run around it.
  4. At home exercises, drop and give me 20 right now. Do it. I’m serious.   Do it now.
  5. Move yo butt- You don’t want to feel sluggish through life- that’s the worst and quickest way to depression and un-fulfillment and failed attempts.  Your body is your asset. Your body is your tool.


To do things in life you have to have the mental energy and physical energy to make it happen. Exercise is crucial to your business success because it affects your mental health so much, and you need that mental health to be creative, to think on your feet, to think of the growth and find ways to implement success in your life and your careers. A healthy body causes for the health of an invaluable mind.

You need mental health to successfully operate and manage your own business, it is simply part of the costs needed to play in the game of entrepreneurship.

Feel better, live better, accomplish more, do it with energy, with stamina – In all levels, physical, mental and spiritual.

To your health, To your success.


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