Success comes at a price

It all depends on how bad you really want it.   If you want something, you must seek that thing, you must live reaching for that dream, thinking about it every minute, planning it every second, fighting hard to get it.  Dreams are the wonderful gifts life gives us. They are worth your every breath.

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About the Author:

Sandra Torres is a Business and Marketing Coach, Self-help Author, Fitness Enthusiast and Mother of a wonderful teenage boy.  Sandra works creating and writing ad copy, web content, developing sales strategies to drive sales and often does Social Media Trainings.  As a Business Coach, she helps small business owners, individuals and corporate executives effectively operate their businesses through guidance and consulting.

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The Purpose of a Business Plan

Many first time entrepreneurs wonder why do you need a business plan and what types of businesses need a business plan and mainly how to begin the process of writing one.

Well first let’s go over what exactly is a business plan.  A business plan is a blue print to the success of your organization.  It clearly identifies who you are, where you are going and most importantly How will you get there.

Many people who are looking for either government funding and grants, small business loans or investors know that they cannot proceed with that process unless they have a professional business plan at hand.  Anyone who is going to lend you any type of money wants to know what they are lending money to.

Lenders and Investors think like this:

  1. Is this company going to be able to pay me/bank back?
  2. Does this company have a strong management team to implement success?
  3. Does the operations team have a clear idea of their market and their competitors?
  4. Does this team have an effective marketing strategy to get themselves where they anticipate?
  5. Is there passion and expertise behind this business?

Clearly – the bottom line here is Do they know what they are doing?


Most investors or bank reps take less than a minute to “critique” or pass “judgement” on your business plan.

So your business plan, should not be a mere cookie cutter format full of boring writing and misspellings.  Your business plan is a sales tool. You need to sell yourself completely in your plan. You need to be creative in your technique and pour your whole heart and soul into creating something that you are passionate about, because becoming a successful entrepreneur has a lot to do with your passion for that business.  And odds are you are starting or operating a business that you have experience in right?  So all your years of experience and your passion for that industry should be clearly felt through your plan.

Any business that intends to “stick around” needs a business plan.  More often than not initially we have an array of ideas for our businesses, but time passes and day to day operations happens and economy strikes or a competitor moves in or something happens and we forget those ideas.

Include all your Marketing Ideas: A business plan contains your tried and tested as well as researched marketing plans and ideas:

Whether or not you are specifically looking for investors or lending;  make sure you jot down all your marketing ideas and plans into your business plan – when business is slow you can refer back to it to help remind you of additional resources you might have forgotten about.  I mean we are all human, and everyone tends to forget something here or there.  Be honest with yourself.

If you are looking for investors – in developing your marketing plan make sure you do your market research.

Make sure you clearly identify your target market, client profile statistics and where they live.   When an investor or lender sees that you put in the effort and time into clearly identifying your buyers, they will take you serious.

The internet today can help you get most of that information.   Just be detailed and informative.

How To Begin Writing Your Plan – See The Main Table of Contents I Use

To Your Success!

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About the Author:

Sandra Torres is a Business and Marketing Coach, Self-help Author, Fitness Enthusiast and Mother of a wonderful teenage boy. Sandra works creating and writing ad copy, web content, developing sales strategies to drive sales and often does Social Media Trainings. As a Business Coach, she helps small business owners, individuals and corporate executives effectively operate their businesses through guidance and consulting.

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Why Entrepreneurs Exercise


There is only one way you can win this race. You must be up for the challenge.  You must be in both physical and mental health and fitness. To take on life and to take on business ownership you must take the time to exercise every muscle and tool in your body. You must not forget the crucial importance of what staying fit can do to your energy, your mind alertness, your mind functions, mood, and your overall physical endurance and stamina.

Take time out go for a bike ride, go alone or with the kids but go often;  Go running on a beach;  Play football or sports with your kids or friends.  Do things that are getting your body moving and active, because that gets the mind active.

Your body is one. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Some things you can do:

  1. Take up sports, canoeing, jet ski-ing, swimming, softball, basketball, football – whatever, join a group that can keep you active
  2. Join or create a beach volleyball team with friends- set a time for gathering Saturday mornings at a certain time, or evenings as the sun is cooling down- whatever works in your schedules, but make time.
  3. Make it a point to hit your local park and take a walk or run around it.
  4. At home exercises, drop and give me 20 right now. Do it. I’m serious.   Do it now.
  5. Move yo butt- You don’t want to feel sluggish through life- that’s the worst and quickest way to depression and un-fulfillment and failed attempts.  Your body is your asset. Your body is your tool.


To do things in life you have to have the mental energy and physical energy to make it happen. Exercise is crucial to your business success because it affects your mental health so much, and you need that mental health to be creative, to think on your feet, to think of the growth and find ways to implement success in your life and your careers. A healthy body causes for the health of an invaluable mind.

You need mental health to successfully operate and manage your own business, it is simply part of the costs needed to play in the game of entrepreneurship.

Feel better, live better, accomplish more, do it with energy, with stamina – In all levels, physical, mental and spiritual.

To your health, To your success.


Business Introductions of the Modern Entrepreneur


I decided to post this blog because I often see people send me message that say -“I’m in the people building business”

Well, What is that exactly?  You build people?..hmmm… into what?  What makes you a professional at building people? And what do you build people to be or to become or to do?

Another one I see alot is “welcome messages something to the effect of “Hi my name is Bob and if you need anything just let me know”  I think that’s the worst attempt to try and build a business relationship with me.

Well, I don’t even know what you do Bob, so what can I ask you for?  Can you fix cars? Can you run errands for me? Can you design a million dollar email campaign? Can you write aggressive sales copy and grow my business?  What is it that you do and can do for me?

If you are not specific about what you do and what you can bring to the table, how do you want me to know and guess – and how do you expect to grow a business that way?

Building a successful profitable business is not merely saying “whatever you need, let me help you”

Do you think I will cut you a check for $5,000 because you offerred to provide me “help” which to begin with I don’t even know what that help can consist of. So the odds are I will never be contacting you because you did not make it clear the type of help you can provide.

As an Entrepreneur your biggest asset by far is ……. your brain.. because it’s loaded with talent and years of experience – and you need to use that experience to your advantage in business ownership

(Do you need help finding what those talents are? – my service to mankind – I provide lifecoaching – if you’re really lost, I’ll help you 1/2 hr of my time -no charge)

What are your skills?

What has that brain of yours accumulated over the years?  What have you been doing for the last few years and what from there can help me? Basically, what can you do and what are you good at?

When you are approaching new business contacts and potential business relationships, the most important thing you can do is to clearly identify your skills and talents and your experience.  Tell me what makes you a professional in your field? Tell me the type of help you can provide me and in what avenues of my life.

example –

“Hi, my name is Sandra, Thank you for the friend connect and I look forward to hearing more about you and what you do.

A bit about me – I have worked in marketing and business consulting for the last 12 years.  – My skills are in coaching business owners how to successfully operate their businesses by 1) lowering operational costs by negotiating lower contract rates) 2) by training employees to be assets and revenue producers  3) conceiving advertising & marketing campaigns that appeal to targeted consumers.   I am a business strategist and have helped generate over $120million in annual revenue.  I help business owners find their target markets. And being in the industry for this long has enabled me to perfect my skills in developing aggressive business plans for business owners that can clearly identify a plan of action that paves the road for success using my years of experience.”

Don’t be afraid of your message, I would rather read a longer message filled with your passions, than get a short one with a link to your site that I won’t click through on, cause you didn’t sell me on YOU, in the first place.

YOU are the sale, YOU are the business. YOU have experience in fields I know nothing of. And if that is going to make my life better, I want to hear it, I want you to share it with me.

So be clear in your introductions, be sincere in your attempts and use your years of experience as the driving force behind business ownership and success.  You have a talent.  And what you don’t know about business, find a good mentorship program to be a part and seek council of professionals in those fields.

To Your Success!

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Film Financing


I get alot of requests from script writers and producers to fund their film making projects.  Many of which are very unprepared and many of which are but the overal package is not getting them financed. Here I will talk about how to prepare a package for investor funding with the right business plan, proposal and financing worksheets and dedicated fund usage statements, return on investments and creating a masterful trailer.