Hiring and Motivating Employees

Hiring and Motivating Employees.

Whether you employ one person, or fifty, choosing and hiring the right employees can be a challenge. How do you know which of the job applicants will be worth their weight in gold, and which will give you a run for your money? Well, the “secret” to hiring the right employee is to give equal weight to five different factors:

Sometimes, the best applicant is not the one with the most years of experience. Sometimes, the best applicant is not the one with the college degree. Focus on looking for someone who is coachable, who has passion, who has drive and who has their own standards of success.
Top 5 Tips for Motivating Employees
1) Make recognizing employees part of your daily routine
2) Employees need to understand how company dollars are spent.. so show them
3) Ask your staff to write personal mission statements
4) Involve all staff in group discussion and brainstorming, you’ll be surprised where your next idea comes from, ask the janitor for input – you’ll be surprised how others can get “jealous” of this and start putting more thought into your growth.
5) Give employees expectations – tell them clearly what you expect of them.
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